Friday, February 29, 2008

The Blog of Henry David Thoreau

Beginning in July 2004, around Thoreau's birthday on July 12, Greg Perry began posting excerpts from the 14 volumes of Thoreau's Journal as if they were the daily entries of a blogger -- as in a way they were. The Blog of Henry David Thoreau is handsomely designed and surprisingly effective. Thoreau's prose is so concentrated, often so poetic, that it may be best taken in small doses.

The Thoreau blog wasn't refreshed for a while -- though you could always look up the entry for today -- but lately it's been back on track again, and Perry has added titles to the newer entries. Here's one of my favorite recent entries:

Early Sap, 23-Feb-1857

I have seen the signs of spring. I have seen a frog swiftly sinking in a pool, or where he dimpled the surface as he leapt in. I have seen the brilliant spotted tortoises stirring at the bottom of the ditches. I have seen the clear sap trickling from the red maple.

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